Week 7

Last day of Empowered !!!! Omg it has been an absolutely wonderful experience. Today has been really fun, we went to the movies, qudoba, & breakout it was GREAT. This week we had Amanda as our speaker and she gave us really good advice and we also had a good conversation. It’s sad to say it’s over but I’m walking away with so many more good life skills and I’m glad I did the program.

Week 6

Day 1: 7/16/18

Nori: My group chose the topic youth using technology to solve issues in their communities because it’s a hot topic in today’s society. We feel like it’s very important for adults to help empower youth to know the capabilities of technology and how to helps people in communities. The first day was frustrating because we had to find research and all the sources seemed very inaccurate so that was kind of a barrier that we had to overcome but we locked down and ended up finding a lot of statistics and information.

Day 2: 7/17/18

Nori: We then found more data on our topic and read more things to get us a better grasp of what we were doing, then we created our website and the goal overall is to encourage adults and more teens to use more technology to help their communities more. Today I also asked Mrs. Ravichandran if I could ask her some questions about technology and youth  it was very stressful preparing questions to ask her but we did it and the interview is tomorrow.

Day 3: 7/18/18

Nori: Today we worked on our website and I interviewed Mrs. Ravichandran, that went very well and it also was a great experience, I was also very nervous but I got through it and my group has made a lot of positive progress and lastly we finished our layout. Also Mrs. Ravichandran said one thing yesterday in the interview and it stood out a lot to me which was “ There will be no future without S.T.E.M .” that to me is so true because most of the worlds new industries are technology based.

Day 4: 7/19/18

Nori: Today we completed our website finally. It was most definitely a struggle but we locked down and got it done, it looks good but the last thing we have to do is make our video and add it to the website that will be happening Monday. At 12:30 we met with Mrs. Ravichandran to hear about how the company began and also really good advice to help us be successful in the future. Earlier this week Ms. Bergmesiter came in and educated us a lot on past entrepreneurs who were very successful and also shared a lot of quotes with us. I’m really glad my group chose the topic we did because it’s very important to educate other people on how important technology is and also how it can be so helpful and not just for entertainment.


Week 5


July 16, 2018


Wow this is the second to last week of the program it went by so quickly. Last week Dr. Franklin came in and SERIOUSLY she was my favorite speaker I asked good questions and was very engaged with the topic. Thursday we went out to lunch at Captain Quarters and I’ve never been there and it was good. Also Thursday was very frustrating because when we got back we found out that the vissionaireum websites were due and it was around 3:30 and it was very stressful. Overall last week was good and we only have one more week.

Week 4

July 5, 2018


This week has been good Mrs. Colter came in and spoke to the group and she was really good, then again this week has also been a struggle with all three websites needing to be complete by today was tough but I managed to get through it. Our day off Wednesday was very well needed, I never thought building websites would cause me to stress so much but it’s worth it. Today I feel like I accomplished a lot because I completed all of the websites I needed to have done and now I’m ready to start Monday off with learning something new with 3D printing.


My biggest struggle altogether was the HTML/CSS website it was very difficult and it made me frustrated but it came along really well and I did all the basic steps to have a good foundation. My website mainly focused on sushi which may be one of my favorite foods but thank God i finished.


Week 3

July 2, 2018


Ms. Bishop was my favorite speaker overall last week. She was my favorite because I loved her vibe like how chill she was and I also loved how she moved here from Columbia when she was 17 and worked hard to achieve everything that she wanted and she was passionate about what she does which was being an entrepreneur. Ms. Bishop also made her visit short and sweet and I enjoyed it very much.


Saturday was a great experience being around a lot of successful entrepreneurs and also building a website for a business owner it was very exciting but also made me very nervous. It ended up turning out very well my business owner was very pleased with my groups website about what she has to offer children in daycares. We still have changes that need to be made but overall everything went very well.    


Week Two

June 21, 2018


The second week of Empowered, the most challenging part of treehouse this week was transitioning from Treasure back to Guil it’s kind of frustrating but overall it’s very interesting to keep learning new stuff about making websites and all the different kinds of coding. Dr. Johnson came in Tuesday and left a really good impression, she impressed me because seeing black african american women succeed in major ways is very inspirational for me personally. Mrs. Servo left behind good tips for having a business or a company.


I enjoyed week two of the program and got a lot of things accomplished by finishing Introduction to HTML and CSS and moving on to CSS basics which I only have 5 hours left, but I’m very excited to move a step closer to building my own website. Today was also very sad to because it was Anjali’s last day with us and we are going to miss her very much.

Week One

June 14, 2018


The most challenging thing for me this week was learning all the coding for making websites  and watching all of the videos in treehouse. However, it was very difficult for me to sit and focus. The most interesting thing was also learning how to code and being able see how much more there is to making websites.  When Eric came in and shared with the group information about machine learning it was very interesting as well because learning new things about technology is important and fun. That’s basically what the world revolves around.


I really enjoy when people come and speak to me about their lives, achievements, and challenges they have experienced.  It inspires me because hearing everyone’s story makes me want to work harder on achieving my life goals and becoming successful. Ms.Fitzpatrick was a successful person and hearing her today was good because even though she had challenges in life she worked hard to overcome them and is now a successful woman.